Why One Born Every Minute is making birth worse for women


“Word needs to spread: women need to get off the bed; women don’t need to be told when or how to push; women need darkness, privacy, quietness and comfort; giving birth is not to be feared; and women’s bodies work – under the right circumstances. Women need to demand better, and if nobody listens, they need to get angry.

Giving birth like they do on OBEM is presented as utterly normal, but it couldn’t be further from normality. It seems like it’s so easy to forget that people are mammals. Would we expect our pet cat to give birth easily and successfully under the circumstances that most One Borners find themselves in? No. We know that bright lights, busyness, strangers, fear and disruption would bring an abrupt halt to the labour of any self-respecting cat, dog, pig or panda. But we seem to assume that women can just pop out a baby while someone they’ve never met before is leaning on their leg and chatting to their husband about what he does for a living.”

Precis som doulan Jenny skrev, istället för skrämmande tv-födslar så rekommenderar jag att besöka gruppen Sen avnavling barnets födslorätt på Facebook och njuta av inlägget “Peppande förlossningsvideotråd” Stärkande och peppande bilder/videos som ger tillit till vår egen fantastiska förmåga.

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